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In light of the toxic chemical release in East Palestine, Dr. Ted and staff are working diligently to assist those in and around East Palestine, along with anyone in the Mahoning Valley that may have been exposed to chemicals from this tragic incident. There are 5 main ways we’re working to help:
(This page will continually be updated based on new information)

Detoxing from the East Palestine Train Derailment Presentation

Dr. Ted Suzelis, ND, along with Pharmacist Mary Sheehan will discuss healthy detoxification from chemicals released by the East Palestine Train Derailment. In this free presentation, we will cover diet and supplement support for detoxification, along with how to properly purify your water and indoor air. This virtual presentation will be Saturday, March 18th at 3pm. Click here for the presentation

Click here for the follow-up presentation done on Friday, March 24th

Supporting Information can be Found Below:

East Palestine Detox Giveaway – Free Supplements

Get your free bottle of NAC, along with purchasing other supplements as part of Dr. Ted’s Detox Protocol at a 30% discount.

Ohio Naturopathic Wellness Center participated in the Way Station of East Palestine’s Health and Wellness Distribution on Saturday, March 18th from 10am-2pm at 109 W Rebecca St, East Palestine, OH. We provided attendees with information on how to safely detoxify from any chemicals they have been exposed to in both the air and water. At this event we distributed part of our $25,000 in donated nutritional supplements to help with detoxification. The 2 main donors are:
Seeking Health donated 1,000 bottles of NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
Vital Nutrients donated 100 bottles of NAC and also 50 bottles of Liver Support Formula

Water Purification Systems

We have become a distributor of Waterdrop, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system to help people get purified water in their homes. For those within a 10 mile radius of the train derailment, we are passing on discounts we receive from Waterdrop minus a small administrative fee to help people get the right system at a highly discounted price with coupon code below:

Waterdrop G3 with UV Water Sterilizer: retail $638, but receive $213 off with coupon code: EP-213

Anyone outside of the 10 mile radius of the train derailment can still receive great deals on these great water filtration systems with a 25% discount using coupon code: Waterdrop-25

  1. Waterdrop G3 with UV Water Sterilizer
  2. Waterdrop G3P800
  3. Waterdrop G3
  4. Waterdrop G2
  5. Waterdrop N1
  6. Waterdrop King Tank

Air Purifiers

We are distributors of Austin Air and can provide big discounts on state of the art air purifiers. There are 2 Austin Air models that are really good at filtering out all chemical contaminants that you may be experiencing in your house, the Healthmate Plus and the Bedroom Machine. Austin Air claims the Bedroom Machine is the best choice, since it has the same carbon filter, but also a military-grade HEGA carbon cloth for even better chemical absorption. The Medical Grade HEPA used in the Austin Air Healthmate Plus® effectively removes up to 99% of bacteria and aerosolized viruses* larger than 0.1 microns. It also eliminates a wide range of gases, chemicals, VOC’s and formaldehyde. This broad-spectrum adsorption makes it the best choice for people exposed to smoke from wildfires and offers dentists and their patients’ protection against airborne contaminants. Below are links to purchase these units with a coupon code to receive a big discount. People can also contact us directly if they are interested in scratch and dent models that can be sold for an even larger discount.

  1. Healthmate Plus: Coupon Code: EP-245
  2. Bedroom Machine: Coupon Code: EP-290

Individualized Help

Dr. Ted and our acupuncturist, Tim, are accepting patients that need extra help from this tragedy, whether it is from chemical exposure or other health issues stemming from the tragedy, like stress. We are offering $50 off of our typical initial consultations for new patients dealing with symptoms due to the train derailment and live within 5 miles of the derailment site.