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Information is power and we love to connect with the community, so every month at Ohio Naturopathic Wellness Center we’ve got answers to your questions, solutions to improve your health, and inspiration to help you make changes.

Take on Healthcare Podcast

Join your hosts, pharmacist Mary Sheehan and naturopathic doctor Ted Suzelis, as they explore the multifaceted world of healthcare, unraveling the complexities and shedding light on the truths often obscured by mainstream narratives.

Each episode, Mary and Ted bring their expert insights to the table, engaging with specialists and breaking down the latest in health trends, myths, and essential advice. From the effectiveness and safety of dietary supplements in “Are Your Supplements REALLY a Lie?” to the financial and therapeutic aspects of alternative therapies in “The Advantages of Paying Out of Pocket,” this podcast is your gateway to understanding the real issues that impact your health choices.

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On Demand Webinars

If  you would like to view one of our webinars right away, you can purchase a Single Webinar 7 Day Pass for $4.99.  If you would like access to our full webinar library, you can purchase a 30 Day Webinar Pass for $19.99.  Click here for more information.

Patient Testimonial

I’ve been with the practice 7 years. I had thyroid issues, digestive issues and terrible anxiety. My search for the answer wasn’t easy. I hired a so-called naturopath at first but got worse instead of better. After working with Dr. Ted, my thyroid is balanced out, I have less anxiety and peace of mind.

KW, Canfield, OH